You'll notice that some of our items are included in our Estate Collection. This is telling you that this item was likely acquired from an Estate Sale or Auction and was probably used in the past. To give you a better idea of the condition of these items, we've created four categories:

  • Excellent: Very little, if any, wear. Shows and operates like new.
  • Very Good: Minor wear visible on the item. Insignificant scratches, etc., so that it still has a very nice appearance. The item operates as expected. Since many of our items are vintage, some minor repairs may have been made in the past to improve appearance. 
  • Good: Some wear and tear is visible, but overall appearance is still nice and acceptable. There could be some scratches or crazing (in porcelain), or other wear, but the item still operates as intended and it still makes for a nice display piece.
  • Fair: More significant wear and tear is visible, with potential impacts to how the item can be used. There could be some damage to these items.

As with all items that have a history to them, please pay close attention to the pictures and the descriptions provided. We try and reveal defects/damage/wear so you know exactly what you're getting when you purchase any of our Estate Collection items. We very much want you to be happy with your product. Most of these items are very special and the wear and tear only adds to the charm and character of the piece. 

Condition of "Vintage Items"

You'll notice that some pieces in our Estate Collection are identified as being a "Vintage Item". If so, we might say that an item is in good "vintage" condition. This additional reference just implies that, given the age and/or use of an item, it's in good condition. You should expect that the item will show some signs of age and wear and tear if it's a vintage item.

If you want more information about any of our items, please don't hesitate to contact us to ask questions. We want to help you make an informed and confident decision when purchasing from our store.


Accuracy of Product Descriptions

We're often frustrated by Ebay sellers (and others) who claim an item is a 1000 years old and is still in like-new condition. A known problem with these sellers is misrepresentation of their products. We try very hard to not ever be guilty of that. Having said that, and even though we might like to feel otherwise, we're not all-knowing and we can make mistakes. When we don't have all the information we need on a certain piece, we do research to find out all the details we realistically can find from a variety of websites and experts. Unfortunately, they too are sometimes wrong. So if you feel we have incorrect information on any of our pieces, please let us know. We sincerely want to reflect only accurate information in our product descriptions. If you've purchased a piece and have discovered that it's not what we thought it was, then we'll be happy to take the item back and give you a refund (please reference our Returns and Exchanges policy). We'll want to know what the correct information is and how you found this information... this will help us to improve our descriptions (and knowledge) for future products.


Packaging and Product Paperwork for Estate Collection Items

Since many items included in our Estate Collection are pre-owned, the original packaging and/or product paperwork (instructions, warranty info, etc.) may not always be available. And if they are available, they may show signs of age/use beyond what the actual product shows. Some items may have been in storage for a long period of time, so the box might be distressed or in poor condition, but the item inside is still in very good condition. The condition description that is provided for each item is for the item itself, not for the box. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know what the condition is of any original packaging for the products we sell.


Why Buy Used?

 There are many advantages to buying the items included in our Estate Collection:

  • Many of our items will actually appreciate in value over time, not depreciate.
  • The quality found in most older/vintage items is better than many products made today. Many companies started by hiring craftsmen and artisans to make their initial product lines. Over time, they outsourced manufacturing to improve their bottom line, but unfortunately this also diminished quality. 
  • It's good for the environment! Buying pre-owned items and treasuring them keeps them out of landfills and reduces customer demand for new items.
  • The look and designs of many of our items is classic and will never go out of style. So the need to refresh your decor to fit the latest trend isn't necessary.
  • Older or vintage items are more unique and make more of a statement in your home decor. When you buy an item at a big-box store, you can bet that there are thousands and thousands more just like them in other stores, waiting to be placed in thousands of other homes. Not so with vintage items. 
  • When you buy a vintage or antique item, you're also buying items with a history. Some of them might have quite an interesting history,.. such as who made it and where... what was happening in the world when it was made... how the item may have been used in the past. 

All of these reasons add to the uniqueness, quality, charm, and value of buying the pre-owned items included in our Estate Collection. Buying from our Estate Collection means that you're not just getting a decoration item, but that you're acquiring a true conversation piece. You'll find Estate Collection items in almost every shopping category we have. Or click on the link below to view only these special items.

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