Welcome to Boxwood Lane

The founders, Dean and Carey, started Boxwood Lane because they, like so many people, had shopped for years at big box stores and browsed through mass-produced products that showed little character, and even less quality. And they were hungry for something different. But finding something different became more difficult than it should've been. So they wanted to create a shopping experience that focused on product quality and uniqueness. They wanted to collect a product offering that would have the character and charm that comes with excellent design, quality, and sometimes with age. So at Boxwood Lane you'll find things here that might be difficult to find in other stores. Some, in fact, are one-of-a-kinds that you'll only find here. Yep, we're constantly working on collecting unique and quality items that mean so much more than so many of the products you'll find at the big-box stores. We want to offer you products that are made by people and companies that take great pride in what they do.

We hope you enjoy our collections of antique, vintage, and new items, and that you find the home accents and unique gifts that will be treasured by those you love. We feel that giving our products as gifts means more because they're special. Some are special because they already have histories and have been selected from Estate Sales and Auctions. Others are new and produced by manufacturers that take a great deal of pride in the products they make. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy shopping at Boxwood Lane. And if for any reason you're not, please contact us to let us know how we can improve.